Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thursday, November 26, 2009


This year, we spent Thanksgiving at my parents' house.  It was quite an event! My grandma and her husband, Harris, came down for a visit from North Dakota.  I am constantly amazed at my grandma's energy and spunk.  She is 81 years old and still down on the floor playing with her great grand kids. I can only hope that I acquired some of those youthful genes!

After mom's delicious dinner (I wish my Thanksgiving dinners tasted that good!), we spent the even playing different dice games.  Boy does my grandma have luck. She won the loot more times than I can count!    Harris didn't do too shabby either! I on the other hand, must have the worst luck in the world.  By the end of the game, I was begging family members for quarters to put in the "pot" so I could play.

I was pretty upset at the end of the night when I realized I had forgoten to get any pictures during the day (I am going to have to get some tomorrow!).  I did manage to get a couple of pictures of Sophia and Jackson by our Christmas tree in their turkey shirts. 

Jackson has figured out how to say "cheese"

 ( little turkeys)


Thanksgiving Program

Each year Sophia's preschool puts on a Thanksgiving performance and a potluck dinner.  Students in the three year old class dress as Indians.  The four year old class dresses as pilgrims.  Sophia was pretty proud of her pilgrim hat.  She told me that she couldn't wear a bow because her hat would not fit "properly".  I did sneak a bow in my you will see it in some pictures. 



Apple Orchard

In September, we were able to spend a chilly day at the local apple orchard.  The kids had a great time riding the tractor to the apple trees, picking apples, and then playing.  The orchard, had an area that was set up like a farmer's market.  Sophia loved acting like she was selling vegetables.  Luke and Jackson enjoyed playing in the  "cornbox" - much like a sandbox, but instead of sand, it was filled with corn kernels. (By the way...a so much easier to clean up...loved it!!!)

(Sophia selling her vegetables)

(Jack-Jack looking for apples)

(Sophia finding another apple..Luke is after her to eat it!)

(Kissing Cousins)

The corn box



Kristen and Jonathan on the tractor ride to the orchards.

First Day of School

I can't believe Sophia's last year of preschool is here and we are off to kindergarten next year. Yikes! Seems like she was just a little baby yesterday. I don't know where the time has gone.

Sophia loves her new Fancy Nancy backpack. She did not want a "small" backpack this year. Therefore her Nana bought her this "big girl" back pack. Though she is determined to be a big girl, Sophia confided in me the other night to tell me that she "will always be my little precious girl".
It is somewhat hard to get a good picture of Jackson. He never stops!!!
Sophia loves to take her picture by this tree (I am not sure why, but when we take pictures outside, she always wants to be by the tree)

Sophia loves her teacher this year, Miss Amy. We have already had parent teacher conferences. So far...things are going well. Sophia's favorite activity is dress up, and she loves helping other classmates. Unlike her mom, Sophia apparently is quite the talker. We have had to talk to her about waiting until Miss Amy calls on her before she speaks. She must take after her dad, as I don't think I ever even talked in school. In any case, Sophia loves school and she is learning so much. She is asking me to sit down and teach her to I guess that is my project for the spring.

After the first day of school, we had a "girl's day out". First we went to lunch then we headed to the nail salon. The salon was great as they had a children's pedicure chair with a DVD player attached. Sophia loved the manicure and pedicure. She asked to have flowers painted on every finger and toe...I don't think she realized that each flower meant more money..yikes! It was well worth it though...we had a blast!

Better Late than Never...right?

Okay, so I haven't done very well with this blog "thing", but I finally downloaded some pictures and wanted to post them. I had a fantastic summer with the kids. We spent many days outside playing in the sprinkler. My neices even came to visit for a week. Sophia loves getting a chance to play with her cousins.

Also this summer a playground with a small water park was opened. While the cousins, Kate and Kiersten were visiting, we had a chance to go to the park. Luke, my nephew, loved the water, but it took Jackson some time to warm up to the shooting sprinklers.
(Jackson looking at the sprinklers...wondering if he should join in the fun)
Luke and Kiersten having a blast
Luke convinced Jackson to play in the water
Luke and Sophia
Just the girls
Sophia loving every minute of the sprinklers
(This last picture is in the backyard...we have discovered that we can make a pretty good water slide out of our swing set slide. It is an annual event!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fun!

Well, yesterday we finally got the sprinkler out. The kids had a blast. 30 minutes outside before our naps turned into 2 hours. Oh well. I think Sophia must have run through the sprinkler 2,000 times...maybe more because the neighbors came over to play too..and they all just kept running and running. Not only was the sprinkler great, be we have also learned that if you put the hose on the swing set makes a great water slide (thank God we have thick grass). I think the kids went down the slide 50 or 60 times. Though not too excited about the slide, Jackson had fun playing with the water table. (Much more fun than when I took him to the pool today and he dunked himself--needless to say he is not so fond of the pool any more).